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[UE4/Wwise] Here is a reference sheet that I give to my designers and audio team. The details are a little specific, but I think that the important takeaway here is really getting in the mindset of maximizing control of your game. Make your choices deliberately and gobble up all of the control that you can have over your work!

AkGameObject->PostAkEvent – Your bread and butter for audio playback. You know where the event is posted to, allowing control – Relying on switches/RTPCs, querying for activity, StopAll on a game object, events that both stop and start sounds.

PostEvent – This is the main reason why I make this sheet. It looks at the actor, searches for the first AkComponent on it, and if it can’t find any, creates one. This gives little confidence on the playback circumstances. Another component is added to the child class? A vocalization event stops all before posting?

PostEventAtLocation – Useful for transient events on which you can’t guarantee the lifespan of an actor, like impacts or other VFX.

PostAssociatedAkEvent – Mostly just preference. Nothing wrong with this, but I don’t like coupling the concepts of Game Objects and Events. For a lot of new people, decoupling those two concepts is hard enough.

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