UE4 Datatables

Sound designers (and game designers!) If you are using UE4 and you’re putting all of your asset references directly in BP, then you need to look into moving over to Data Tables!

The short of it is that if you have a parent class set up with a ton of empty asset references to be filled out by its children, Data Tables are usually a much better alternative.

Over the past couple of years, I have embraced the importance of separating your data from your logic. Modularity is a great thing in software development. In this case, BP is your logic, and Data Tables are containers to just input all of the data that the BPs need.

I do this for character vocalization sets, weapon audio suites, foley collections, animation sets, amongst many other things.

Some benefits:
1) Separation of data and logic
2) Your data for all like-typed things is in one easy-to-see place
3) No need to recompile as you update assets
4) Better version control practice, as you’re not sitting on a potentially popular BP that other depts want, or updating a large code class all the time with tiny asset references
5) Updating a class to reference a new type is as easy as changing one field, rather than replacing all asset references one-by-one

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