System Shock Remastered


[Jonathan Peros Introduction.pdf] (Link)



Sound Design





Main Menu

Menu music for System Shock; ambient, based on the main melody of the intro cinematic from SS1. This draft was to subtly emphasize the foreboding feelings of the experience on Citadel Station. File does not loop, as this is a working draft.


Music for the Groves area of Citadel Station. This suite includes various themes from exploration to tension to combat. As the style I had created for System Shock was very digital and gritty (inspired by SHODAN), I wanted to proof out the music for the most organic area in the game, the Groves. If the style could work for this organic area, I could make it work for any other area. Tension builds over the course of the track.


Faithful recreation of the iconic SS1 elevator music, with additional parts composed for a more realistic jazz group performance. Audio quality is distorted to sound as if the music was coming from an in-game speaker in the elevator.




Brooding synthetic ambience, intended to play when the player hacked and controlled robots. Electronic and dark to draw the player into the experience of the robot.

Tension (Sneaking)

Tension layer that softly faded in to increase the pressure as the player sneaks around enemies.


Another tension layer, that played in the background when the player was spotted by cameras and the alarms on the station were sounding. Pulsing to imitate the feeling of a pounding heartbeat.

Pickup Item (stinger)

Stinger that plays back when the player picks up a hero item, such as a new weapon.



Does not reflect the style of in-game music

Unreal Engine reveal trailer

Trailer music for the switch to Unreal Engine. More ‘cinematic’ in nature than in-game music, as this was meant to sound large and interesting to publishing parties. Digital parts were inspired by System Shock gameplay, but the cinematic nature does not well reflect the mood that System Shock was going for.

Unity demo Citadel Station theme

Obsolete music that played back in the Kickstarter Unity demo when the player approaches the atrium and looks out over Saturn. We decided shortly afterward that the organic strings, while dramatic, did not well-reflect the spirit of System Shock.

zircon & Jonathan Peros – Ethical Constraints Removed (SS1 Intro remix for Kickstarter)

Promotional music arranged for the Kickstarter campaign. Very heavy and upbeat drum and bass remix of the intro music from SS1.