Stopping Events

[UE4/Wwise] Did you know that you can stop sounds without having to make an event for it? It’s simple with the Execute Action on Playing ID command.

I usually prefer this handling unless there is a “release” sound for the stop of a loop or something. It allows game-side management of those events, rather than pulling it all back into the Wwise structures, which are another level removed from the game.

-Don’t have to regenerate soundbanks just to make a stop
-Don’t have to bulk up your Events catalog with a ton of unneeded Stop events
-Allows designers/programmers to do this setup themselves without having to wait on the audio department or build machine
-🌟Bonus🌟 Built in primitive instance-limiting per UObject without cluttering the Wwise comm pipeline

-Harder to track refs on Stops with no UAsset to find refs on
-Potential human error of logic setup
-If you want to add a “release” sound or other actions tandem with the stop, you’re going to need a stop Event anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been thinking of making a UE4 PlayingID class for some added validation and features, but I’m not sure how to go about it 🤔…

I’ll post updates to LinkedIn if that happens!

Do you prefer stop Events or stopping the sound in code?

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