Is Learning Other Disciplines a Waste?

How important is it to you to learn outside of your discipline?

I’m torn… Personally, I love doing it. At this point, I’m in C++ doing my own audio work most days, and it all started with dabbling where it wasn’t my job. I consider myself a game developer first, and an audio person second, and I tell myself that the more I learn about game development as a whole, the better game developer I will be.

But on the other hand, so many of my recent projects – writing a mutli-pass post-process rendering system (pictured), writing web apps in React, writing HLSL shaders, making FBX converters – I have no idea how I could possibly circle those back into use in my current career trajectory. Do they make me a more “rounded” developer? Maybe. They give me insight into other aspects of the game, but how that knowledge might come into practical use, I have no idea.

But then again, maybe a few years ago I would’ve said the same thing about code. And it’s fun to learn anyway, right?



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